Dutch Connexion | Connecting through dutch mentality
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What are we about?

Dutch Connexion supports in marketing and business development. Dutch Connexion has experience in various sectors including fresh produce, floriculture, food, FMCG, logistics, fulfillment, retail and leisure. B2C and B2B.

Who do we work for?

Dutch Connexion works with companies that need support in the field of marketing and business development. Dutch Connexion has more than 30 years of experience and has an extensive network.


In cooperation with Dutch Connexion you can be sure that your marketing will be carried out responsibly and that the right choices will be made. How do we increase our target groups? What kind of needs does the target group have and how do we translate those needs into a product or service? Dutch Connexion is an expert in this field.

Business Development

Dutch Connexion initiates, implements and coordinates new projects, business models, product introductions and partnerships. Do you have a challenge in establishing the right partnerships? Feel free to contact us.